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for my site, i wanted to make this thing that's like the ABCs of girl bands, and i have a partial list but i still need some for N, O, U, W and Z. anyways, if you have ANY suggestions, post em in response and i'd really appreciate it!

this'll be crossposted, sorry if you read it multiple times.

the ABCs of grrl bands

A ani difranco, alix olson, aimee mann

B bif naked, bikini kill, bjork, babes in toyland, bratmobile, bitch and animal

C cibo matto

D the donnas, diamanda galas, dressy bessy, discount, dar williams

E the eyeliners

F fiona apple,

G the gossip

H heather nova, heavens to betsy, the hissyfits

I indigo girls, india.arie

J joan jett, julie ruin, jack off jill, jill sobule

K kimya dawson,

L lauryn hill, le tigre, ladytron, lunachicks, liz phair, L7

M macy grey, my ruin, mazzy star



P patti smith, poe, portishead, pretty girls make graves, pink, pj harvey

Q queen latifah,

R red aunts, the runaways

S sleater-kinney, siouxsie and the banshees, the slits

T tribe 8, tegan + sara, tori amos


V veruca salt


X x-ray spex

Y yeah yeah yeahs,

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